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Working with driven business owners to take control of and enjoy your small business.

How I Help


My mission is to help you take control of & enjoy your business so you can:

  • Make an easy 6-figures

  • Work less than 40 hours/week

  • Generate healthy profits and cash flow

  • Have happy and returning clients

  • And 10X your investment in me

Your goals may be more or different. Whatever you're driving toward, we will assess your needs; develop a strategy to reach your objectives; use time-tested, real world practices, tools, & frameworks; all to achieve tangible & measurable results.


My coaching & consulting comes from loving to work with entrepreneurs, leaders, and your teams. You are driven & creative mavericks. You're the backbone of the economy. You inspire and you make a difference. And I love to be around people like you. 


It also comes from my personal experience in the world of business & leadership that you’re in, wanting to help you achieve your goals, & I've helped companies in almost every industry do just that.

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Go farther, faster. Personalized and effective 1-on-1 business & leadership coaching to obtain clarity, resources, & get things done!


Customized long & short-term strategic planning to align your team & execute effectively on your company objectives.

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Dramatically improve the communication & culture of your business with powerful tools & assessments from Extended DISC.


An 8-module course designed for the striving business owner to get them to the next level of success by "Taking Control" of their business.

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Want to easily read & stay educated? Join other business owners at our monthly book summary to get the most out of the best business books without needing to read them.

An EOS® licensed software for remote, hybrid, & in person teams. Intuitive and simple to run the operations of your business, keep your team connected, & thrive.

Try it free for 30 days! No credit card required.

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Need an inspiring, energizing, and impactiful speaker at your next event? Cody loves to share his unique entrepreneurial and life journey coupled with a myriad of business topics for an event to remember!


Having worked with men and women business owners and their teams in professional practices, trades, non-profits, and more, Cody has helped leaders in almost every industry make incredible changes.

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"Our half day workshop gave our Board the tools to set goals and enhance the strategy for our organization so we can continue to meet the needs of Foothills families. Thank you Cody for helping us to move forward! If you are a small business or non-profit we highly recommend NIELSEN Coaching to help you meet your goals."

-It Takes A Village Okotoks


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Certified Professional Business Coach | Certified Extended DISC Facilitator | Partner | MBA student | Entrepreneur

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A successful business owner, leader, prospective MBA, husband, father to 4 beautiful children, and living successfully with purpose, Cody uses his personal experience of transformation and business success to help you build a highly profitable business.


Cody built his first business as a way to fund a business degree in the summer. It quickly snowballed into a full time business running multiple teams and services year-round resulting in putting his management degree on hold to focus on the growth of the company. 

With many successful years and a few battle scars, over the course of a decade Cody learned to love and appreciate the role and life of the entrepreneur and leader. This led to a career working with business owners to grow their businesses, develop their teams and systems, and in the end take control and enjoy business ownership!

Those who work with Cody grow their bottom line, their efficiency, their teams, themselves, and their love for what they do. They have more time, more money, more control, and more success.


If you're committed and want more success, meet with Cody and get the process started!

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