NIELSEN Business Coaching provides

clarity, tools, and a path to success 

for small - medium size businesses.

 Value Guarantee

We guarantee value by using tried and tested tools and principles to help you achieve success. No "secrets" or "hooks," just real and effective strategies for growth.

Cody helped me build my practice from the ground up. He was integral in making my business profitable in the first quarter.

-Zac Rhodenizer, Owner - Lethbridge Institute of Family Therapy

Even though he provided the tools and the guidance, I was the one in the drivers seat. I was concerned about meeting with someone who was "stuck in their ways" and had a hard time knowing what I wanted, but Cody was very friendly, open, and easy to trust.

-Ben Hinckley

Cody has been excellent to work with. We really value his knowledge and hands on experience as a sounding board for our business.

-Kurt Genoway, Owner - Hometown Electric Ltd.


Did you know most business coaches have never run a payroll? When you're working with NIELSEN Business Coaching, have confidence knowing you're working with a Certified Professional Business Coach. Someone with years of business, leadership, and educational experience. Someone who's been in the trenches. 

In a Meeting


Learn Together. Grow Together.

Being part of a group of like-minded entrepreneurs striving to grow their own businesses is one of the best resources for your business and personal development! Ideas are shared, friendships are made, and most important, you get support.

Your first Mastermind is free. 

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Tailored and Specific to Your Business

There are many good resources that can help you in business. But, having a Professional Business Coach working with you 1-on-1 and focused on your specific challenges and opportunities is unlike any other resource in it's effectiveness. Our coaching is where vision and goals meet success.

Book a free 2 hour session and see the impact for yourself.


Book a Free Strategy Session with Cody. 2 hours. No pressure. We Guarantee our work.

During your free Strategy Session you will see the process for yourself. We're certain you will see the value that comes from the tools, strategy, and clarity you'll receive. Many claim to be "business coaches" yet have never been in the trenches. You can have confidence knowing we are business owners too. We've experienced the high's and low's, and everything in between that comes from running a business. 


We know you're among the hardest working people alive! You want more time with your family and less stress with your business. You take a lot of risk, and you’re the backbone of the economy! We're here to support you.

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Extended DISC Assessments


As a supplement to coaching we're also Certified in Extended DISC, a powerful and effective behavioural assessment tool that allows us to provide an accurate and personalized assessment of your unique behavioural and learning style. This is very valuable for knowing how  to leverage your natural strengths, improve weak areas, and how to effectively interact with others of differing and similar styles. Included as part of every 1-on-1 coaching program. 


These assessments can also be done for your entire company or department to assess the natural behavioural styles of your employees. Among others, this will help increase focus, productivity, and morale; create more unity; and help ensure you hire the right talent. We provide a company map showing every individuals' style as well as provide company wide training to ensure your team is on the same page. 

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."


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Training and Speaking Engagements

For Your Team or Event

Sometimes organizations need outside help to get over their plateau and reach the next level. Cody can help your company with 1/2 day - multiple day trainings that will get your team engaged and aligned to your company vision and goals. 

Cody is also an engaging and seasoned public speaker and would be happy to speak and train on a wide range of topics at your next event! Contact for topics and availability. 

“The single greatest advantage any company can achieve is organizational health.” 

― Patrick Lencioni

About Cody

Cody's passion and mission is to help unlock and grow the leader in every entrepreneur, and that by doing so they can make business a less stressful, more profitable, and truly rewarding journey! 

Having started his first business from scratch in 2011 and seeing it become successful enough to put his formal education on pause, Cody understands first hand the amount of work and sacrifice it takes to build a business and run a team. Outside of coaching Cody has owned 2 businesses as well as been at the forefront of other startups. He also brings with him many years of experience in leadership outside of business having served for his local congregation and other management teams.

Cody is a Certified Professional Business Coach and a proud member of the Professional Business Coaches Association (PBCA) in Canada and the United States. The PBCA provides a world-class coaching certification program that requires 15 years of experience in business, leadership, and education prior to entry. He also has a Degree in Business Management from the University of Lethbridge. Finally and most importantly, Cody is a proud husband and father of 4!


Cody believes your business should work for you!

"Entrepreneurship is among the most fulfilling yet challenging endeavours one can take. And I've learned success comes NOT from going at it alone, but from having good people and resources around you."



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