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Working with successful small business owners to rise above the stress, think strategically, and provide tools and guidance to more fully enjoy owning your business

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What Clients Say

"I have been working with Cody and have not only seen exactly the kind of growth I wanted within my business, but I've also been able to identify and work through challenges that were preventing me/my business from growing. Amazing work, Cody has exactly the kind of mind and experience I needed to tap into!!"

-Catherine Raynor



Cody Nielsen - Certified Professional Business Coach

Welcome! I’m Cody Nielsen, a Certified Professional Business Coach and Extended DISC facilitator. I have the privilege of working with successful small business owners to get you out of the stress of the day-to-day, think more strategically, and provide you with tools and guidance to more fully enjoy business ownership. I help you take action and get done what will have the most impact on your business. You will make tangible improvements and get quantifiable results that will lead to less stress and higher profits. I’ve owned small businesses - these are the results we want!

What I Believe

I believe that your business should be working for you. Too many owners work for their business and are slaves to it - They’re bogged down with the daily stress and overwhelm of owning and operating, and too often do not attain the freedom of both money and time they deserve. 

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I believe a healthy business is not an accident, but intentional. Business coaching is one of the best resources for you to take more control of your business and make the necessary changes to do so. Business is hard. Life is hard. I help you create a healthier company so you can enjoy your business AND your life outside of it! If you’re committed and ready to take your business to the next level, let’s talk!

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Cody Nielsen
Cody Nielsen
Cody Nielsen
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My Experience

I’ve built and owned multiple businesses over the past 11 years (construction landscaping, snow removal, and lawn care; and fertilizer/pesticide companies) and I've felt the extreme highs and depressing lows that can come with it. I've coached amazing business owners in a wide range of industries including trades, home care, property management, psychology, dental, photography, non-profits, and more. I’ve also served in leadership helping oversee hundreds of people at my local congregation for many years. I love teaching and training, and I thoroughly enjoy public speaking!


Real-world business and leadership experience reign supreme, and although this experience can never be replaced by (or purchased with) formal education, I do hold a degree in Business Management from The Dhillon School of Business at the University Lethbridge and put that knowledge to work with my clients and businesses as well. I’ve helped other entrepreneurs build their businesses from the ground up, I’ve won prize money from business plan competitions, participated in trade shows, been an industry expert/speaker, been a volunteer for youth and other groups for many years, and done all this while raising a rambunctious and growing family with my wife and 4 boys! 

Let's Talk

So, don’t be shy. I’ve been there like so many of you. Through years of experience I've learned firsthand how to build a successful business as well as how to make one sink. Entrepreneurship is a beautiful journey, but it can also be an extremely difficult one! Although I may not be the expert in your specific industry, I have coached great people in almost every industry. I've been trained to be an expert at coaching - helping you strategize, prioritize, and execute - so you and your business thrive! That’s what this is all about: building a healthy business and having the means to create the life you want! 

If you want to take your business to the next stage and you’re committed, let’s talk. Meet with me for free for 90 minutes and see the value of the process. Let’s get you out of the day-to-day stress so you can build a healthier company and Enjoy Your Small Business!

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