Extended DISC

Behavioural Assessment

About Extended DISC

We all behave in our own unique way. Based off the research and models of renowned psychologists including Carl Jung, the Extended DISC® assessment identifies how each of us naturally behaves using a 4-sided model:

  • Task-oriented

  • People-oriented

  • Active, &

  • Reserved

Finally, assessments that provide results for behavioral change – not just analysis reports. Extended DISC® assessments are pragmatic, concise and easy-to-use. They provide a practical model that improves individual, team and organizational performance.

-Dr. Marshall Goldsmith – World’s most influential leadership thinker.

Understanding your own personal behaviour style is the first step in better leading your organization and working with others. The next step to leading a productive and unified team is learning to identify and modify your behaviour when communicating with others.


The assessment is included in each of our 1-on-1 coaching programs. But it can also be given to an entire organization or department. You get to see a Company Map of your entire organization or department. For example, this can allow a better understanding of who to use on a certain project or how a workflow can be better accomplished.

The assessment won't simply place you in a box. It will help you see how you behave in certain situations, and will give concrete feedback on how to leverage your strengths and/or modify certain behaviours if needed.

This tool will help you as a leader: 

  • Become a better decision maker

  • Identify your motivators and de-motivators

  • Increase motivation

  • Deal better with pressure

  • Communicate more effectively

  • Achieve goals

  • Modify your behaviors with different employees

  • Develop and coach employees to success

  • Help employees achieve their goals

  • Improve leadership success

  • Identify employees and others styles

  • Better lead employees

  • Motivate employees effectively

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Teams or Groups


  • Assessments and an individualized report for each person.

  • 1/2 day training for your team including more tools and exercises.


*min $1,000

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Individual Assessments


  • Assessment and individualized report.

  • 2 hr. session with Cody to review your report and get training to implement it with your business and team.

$299 each


1-on-1 Coaching

  • Your coaching program includes the Extended DISC assessment to help us better work together and for you to succeed in your business.