Strategic Planning

"Where there is no vision, the people perish." -Proverbs 29

Book 1-2 days with Cody to ensure your not just coming up with good ideas, but executing on them.


Where is your business going, and how is it getting there? Planning in a strategic way is simply being intentional about discussing and committing to where you want to go and how you're going to get there.

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And then executing on it!

When Should You Plan?

Long-term: More than a year

Your long-term strategic plan should be done annually. Typically requires 1-2 full days to be effective. 

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  • Your vision and values are established (or remembered)

  • Your long-term goals are documented and understood

  • You have a short-term execution plan to ensure those goals are reached

  • Your team is aligned and energized to accomplish and contribute to the long-term vision

As the business owner, you likely know WHAT you want to accomplish in the coming months and years. But it's the strategizing and then execution that makes it happen. It's the DOING and HOW the goals are accomplished that can be difficult.

Sport Tactics

Why Should You Have A Plan?

  • Success is not accidental, but intentional.

  • Companies with a clear vision, and with specific goals and tactics to achieve it, are much more likely to succeed long-term.

  • You will be more focused and intentional.

  • Your staff will be aligned with your leaders.

You Started Your Business For A Reason

But that reason is often forgotten in the stress and hustle of the day-to-day grind that so many owners face. 

In short, a strategic planning session is a powerful and effective way to ensure:

  • Your employees will be more engaged and energized to be part of something that is clear and impactful.

  • Reduce the stress of inefficiency and going where the wind takes you, so you can feel the satisfaction of making progress and going in the right direction!

Cheerful Business Coaching with Cody Nielsen

Short-term: 90 days

Execution happens in the short-term. Having a 90-day plan to execute on the long-term strategy is vital. Done 3x/year (4th is part of the Long-term Strategic Plan) and requires a 1/2 - full day to be effective.

If your business needs a plan and you want your leaders and staff to be aligned with your vision, contact me to work with you and your leadership team to facilitate a 1-2 day strategic plan. 

I don't know anyone who regret planning ahead. But I know plenty that regret not taking the time to plan. 

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