Giving a Presentation

Do you need a speaker or training?


Cody is a seasoned and passionate public speaker who would love to participate in your next event! He can speak or train on a variety of business, leadership, and self improvement topics.

Company Training

Cody offers involved and effective trainings and workshops for your team on a wide range of topics and tools to increase productivity, unity, and leadership. These can be 2 hours to full day trainings.

Topics Include:

  • Taking Control Of Your Business

  • Strategic Planning & Execution

  • Human Resources including effective communication, culture, hiring/firing, and more.

  • Extended DISC behavioural assessments 

  • Leadership & Emerging Leaders

  • Financial Management

  • Personal Effectiveness 

  • Family Run Businesses

  • Marketing 

  • Sales

  • Business Systems

  • & Book Reviews!

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