Meet Cody

Cody's passion and mission is to help unlock and grow the leader in every entrepreneur, and that by doing so they can make business a less stressful, more profitable, and truly rewarding journey! 

Having started his first business from scratch in 2011 and seeing it become successful enough to put his formal education on pause, Cody understands first hand the amount of work and sacrifice it takes to build a business and run a team.


Outside of coaching Cody has owned 2 businesses as well as been at the forefront of other startups. He also brings with him many years of experience in leadership outside of business having served for his local congregation and other management teams.

Cody is a Certified Professional Business Coach and a proud member of the Professional Business Coaches Association (PBCA) in Canada and the United States. The PBCA provides a world-class coaching certification program, and unlike many coaching certifications that don't require experience, the PBCA requires 15 years of combined experience in business, leadership, and education prior to entry as well as a strict code of ethics that each coach must adhere and commit to.

"Entrepreneurship is among the most fulfilling yet challenging endeavours one can take. I've learned success comes NOT from going at it alone, but from having good people and resources around you."

As a supplement to coaching and to aid in the effectiveness of working with all of his clients, Cody is certified in providing and training on the Extended DISC Psychometric Behavioural Assessment. His formal education is in Business Management with a Degree from the University of Lethbridge.

Finally, and most importantly, Cody is a proud husband and father of 4!

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