Peer Mastermind Group 

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If you've never been part of a Mastermind Group, come for your first visit at no cost and see the benefit firsthand. This is not a referral group. This is a support and brainstorming group whose main purpose is to help you navigate and overcome any challenges or opportunities you may be facing. It's a powerful place to be when business owners are combining their experience and wisdom to help you specifically. Another great benefit to these groups is the opportunity you have to share your experience and offer your support to the other great business owners in the room!


There will also be training opportunities from guest speakers, group members, as well as access to many of the resources available from our library of business tools.


There is only one seat per business type, and the group will be no larger than 10-12 members to keep it as close-knit and effective as possible.


Did we mention breakfast is included?!



-9-12 (approx. 3 hrs)

-Time and place TBD

-Want to know if this is right and valuable for your business? Come try it yourself at no charge. Your first visit is free!


Location & Contact Details

Phone: 403-915-4808 (call or text)

Location: TBD


Join us for our monthly Mastermind, get breakfast on us, and come see you and your business prosper!


Face to face is recommended but if you would rather call in we are setup for you to join our meeting via video conferencing from anywhere online!


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