The L.E.E

Leadership Effectiveness Evaluation

About the L.E.E

John C. Maxwell said it best: "You are the lid of your organization!"

This means that in order for your company to improve and grow, you need to improve and grow as a leader. Leadership can very difficult, but it's even more difficult when we don't know what being a leader really means or where we need to improve.

Leadership health assessment

This tool will help you: 

  • Identify both weak and strong areas of your leadership.

  • Give you an overview of the overall health of your business and leadership abilities in relation to it.

  • Help you create a better vision and strategy for improving certain areas and achieving your goals.

  • Keep you on course. 

  • Allows a comparison overtime to see improvement.

  • Your own growth will then allow you to coach and grow the leaders in your organization more effectively.

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  • Evaluation and accompanying business report. 

  • 2 hour session with Cody to review your evaluation and create strategy and action plans to move forward.


L.E.E. &

1-on-1 Coaching

  • Your coaching program includes the L.E.E. and many other business support tools to help you succeed.

  • Receive the training and effective techniques to leverage it in your business and with your team.

Leadership training and coaching

The L.E.E will help you see an overview of your leadership skills and abilities and what areas you can make adjustments in to be more effective as a leader. There is no finish line with leadership, even though we may have received a title telling us "we've made it!" Leadership is a discipline, a way of thinking and behaving that will allow us to influence others for good as we grow in our own leadership.


The L.E.E helps us continue to move in the right direction by exposing areas of our leadership and business that require more attention.