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Friday Jan 28 at Noon - Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!  by Greg Crabtree

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This Month's Book - Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits! Greg Crabtree - Friday Jan 28 @ Noon!

Most of us didn't get into business because we love dealing with the financials and the numbers. Most of us love the idea of making money, but when it comes to accounting, tracking, and really understanding what's behind the total in your bank account, it can be awfully overwhelming and exhausting.

That's where this month's book comes into play!

4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential

Author Greg Crabtree is a long time CPA who's worked with hundreds of business owners in his career. And during that time he's figured out how to simplify and streamline entrepreneurial financial management and how to get those ideas across to business owners without making their eyes glaze over.

A lot of these ideas are common sense, but as the old saying goes "Common sense isn't that common these days." If you're looking to successfully scale your business this is stuff that you have to know, and Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits! explains it in a way that makes sense for a small business (as opposed to a large corporate setting or academic MBA's).

The Business Book Review format is a perfect venue for a book like this - you'll not only get the key ideas summarized, but we'll discuss them as a group and talk through some great ideas and activities you can use immediately in your own business. 

Who Should Attend?

Business, owners, leaders, and professionals who want to learn ways to improve their operations and not fly by the seat of their pants, as well as those who have a desire to keep learning but don't have the time nor the inclination to read or just realize they will get even more out of the discussion of the material than just reading it (i.e. a lot of smart people we know)! 


About the Book Reviews

You're a business owner. That means you're busy! Every business owner and leader must keep learning to succeed, but it's challenging when you don't have much time!

Let us help. We meet once a month for an hour, which won't take much of your time, but will provide invaluable resources for you. 


You don't have to read it first! We provide you a written summary of the books main points and have discussions about how to apply it. We only choose books that we know will have a lasting impact on your business and life.


Our monthly book review will do the heavy lifting for you. Bring your lunch, and join us for 1 hour online on the last Friday of each month!




  • Noon, last Friday of the month

  • 60-minutes

  • Condensed PDF book summary provided immediately after registration

  • Presentation and discussion of the main takeaways from the book and how to apply them

  • New book every month

  • Online over zoom

  • A fantastic way to get a lot from a book without reading it all yourself!

  • Anyone welcome

  • Only $10/month!


Join us for our monthly book review, and come see you and your business prosper!

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