The B.E.E.

Business Effectiveness Evaluation

About the B.E.E

Do you struggle as a business owner knowing where you should prioritize your time, and what areas of your business are weaker or stronger than others? ​

The B.E.E. helps you create a vision of where you want to go by giving you a 30,000 ft. view view of your business. It provides concrete areas of development so you can put your time and resources in the places that will have the most impact! It will also help you see the businesses strengths so you can leverage them. 

Business health assessment

This tool will help you: 

  • Identify both weak and strong areas of your business.

  • Give you an overview of the overall health of your business.

  • Help you create a better vision and strategy for improving certain areas and achieving your business goals.

  • Keep you on course. 

  • Have more effective discussion with your leaders and team about the needs of the business and how everyone can contribute.

  • Allows a comparison overtime to see improvement.

Business Woman with Laptop




  • Evaluation and accompanying business report. 

  • 2 hour session with Cody to review your evaluation and create strategy and action plans to succeed.

  • Follow-up appointment.


B.E.E. &

1-on-1 Coaching

  • Your coaching program includes the B.E.E. and many other business support tools to help you succeed.

  • Receive the training and effective techniques to leverage it in your business and with your team.

Business Strategy

Think of the above graph as a tire. Your business is the tire. The more well rounded your business is the better and smoother the ride. It takes time to improve as well as an awareness of those needs to help make your entrepreneurial journey that much better, but it can be done! 

When you purchase the B.E.E you also get a 2 hour session with Cody to review the assessment and create a strategy and action plan for your success.