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Cody Nielsen

My mission is to help the small business owner rise out of the stress of the day to day, think strategically, & provide the right tools and frameworks so you can take control & truly enjoy business ownership

Having built multiple businesses, as a Certified Professional Business Coach, Extended DISC Facilitator, partner, & coupled with his passion for the small business owner, Cody can help you go Farther, Faster!

Cody Nielsen - Certified Professional Business Coach

Welcome, and thank you for looking around! Let me share a bit about myself and what brought me here. I am blessed to do what I do, working with driven small business owners to help them take control and enjoy business ownership. I chose this field because I love working with entrepreneurs, leaders, and their teams. You are driven and creative mavericks. You're the backbone of the economy. You inspire and you make a difference. And I like to be around people like you! 

I also know firsthand the difficulties and requirements needed for a business to be successful having built multiple business from scratch over the last 12 years. It's not easy. There's always something to do, something to improve, and it seems the resources and time needed to accomplish it all shrinks by the day. The weight of business ownership can be very heavy and lonely. If this is you, please know you're not alone. Many feel the same way, and many have risen above it with the right help. 

One of the primary principles I've learned on my journey is identifying and staying focused on what will have the most impact. You would likely agree that most entrepreneurs know what they want to do (they have a vision or an idea already), but the struggle often comes with executing that idea, and doing so consistently. The struggle is creating the game plan with the right people, strategies, tactics, acquiring the proper tools and resources, and then chipping away day by day until you climb your proverbial mountain. And doing this while maintaining your own health, relationships, and sanity.


This undergirds what I do as a business coach and consultant: I help you gain crystal clear clarity on your biggest opportunities and challenges and then work with you to capitalize on them. Once identified I supplement our engagement with a huge library of business support frameworks and tools from financial management, sales & marketing, personal effectiveness, leadership, people and HR, and much more.

To offer you the best experience and return on investment I possibly can, I invested heavily in myself and building the skills required to help you. I am:

  • Certified as a professional business coach so I know how to get the most and best out of you, and stay connected and up to date on the skills and resources of the business coaching and consulting industry

  • Certified in Extended DISC to help you increase organization health and communication

  • Partnered with to provide you with business operations systems to keep things running smooth, the team connected, and the business focused

  • Formally educated with an undergrad in Business Management 

  • Bring my personal business experience to the table so you know I've been there too

  • And will always look for additional ways to improve my abilities to show up better for you

With all this, you will get stuff done. 

You will get control of your business. 

You will enjoy your business!

Smiling Business Woman

What I Believe

I believe that your business should be working for you. Too many owners work for their business and are slaves to it - They’re bogged down with the daily stress and overwhelm of owning and operating, and too often do not attain the freedom of both money and time they deserve. 

I believe a healthy business is not accidental, but intentional. Business coaching is one of the best resources for you to take more control of your business and make the necessary changes to do so. I have coached great people in almost every industry. I'm not going to be the expert in your specific industry (that would be you), but I don't need to be. What I am an expert in is helping you gain crystal clear clarity on your biggest challenges and opportunities; ensuring you execute on what will have the most impact; and helping you and your team build additional business acumen through coaching, training, and advising, and providing access to a library of business support tools and frameworks to help ensure profitability. That's my job. 

I will help you strategize, prioritize, and execute so you and your business thrive! That’s what this is all about: building a healthy business and having the means to create the life you want! If you’re committed and ready to take control of your business to take it to the next level, let’s talk!

Cody Nielsen
Cody Nielsen
Cody Nielsen
Cody as keynote speaker chamber of commerce

My Experience

My story starts at a young age when my passion was everything EXCEPT academia and preparing a good life for myself. I failed out of high-school and pursued a careless life of indulgence, selfishness, and "fun." Battling addiction, depression, broken relationships, broken future, and an over-all life crisis, I took a nose dive to hell and almost stayed there. 

What took place between then and now is a long story, but one I'm willing  to share because it's very applicable to the success and growth of your business. It's what has helped me build mine. The primary principle being: if I wanted things to change, it was up to me. I'm in charge. I need to take control. 


Now years later I'm a Certified Professional Business Coach. I’ve built and owned multiple businesses (construction landscaping, snow removal, and lawn care; and fertilizer/pesticide companies) and I've felt the extreme highs and depressing lows that can come with it. I've coached amazing business owners in a wide range of industries including trades, home care, property management, psychology, dental, photography, non-profits, and more. I’ve also served in leadership helping oversee hundreds of people at my local congregation for many years. I love teaching and training, including public speaking, and I've given over 100 talks to groups of 150 or more, and many trainings and presentations to groups ranging from 2-50+ on a wide range of business and leadership topics. 

I also hold a degree in Business Management from The Dhillon School of Business at the University Lethbridge and put that knowledge to work with my clients and businesses as well. As part of a co-op I helped a new entrepreneur build their business from the ground up to see a profit in the first quarter. My businesses have participated in trade shows, I've been an industry expert/speaker, been a volunteer for youth and other groups for many years, I’ve even won prize money from business plan competitions. All this while raising a rambunctious and growing family with my amazing wife and 4 boys! 

Let's Talk

So, don’t be shy. I’ve been there like so many of you. Through years of experience I've learned firsthand how to build a successful business. Entrepreneurship is a beautiful journey, but it can also be an extremely difficult one! Let's make it easier, together. 

If you want to take control of your business and take it to the next level, let’s talk. Meet with me for free for 90 minutes and see the value of the process. Let’s get you out of the day-to-day stress so you can build a healthier company and Enjoy Your Small Business!

Business coaching with Cody Nielsen
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